My First International Triathlon

Colonial Beach Triathlon

I competed in my first international triathlon last weekend. It was a great experience, though more of a challenge than I expected. An international triathlon involves a .93 mile swim, 24.8 mile bike, and 6.2 mile run. The USAT certified race at Colonial Beach, VA stated at 6:50am. The outside temperature was 78 degrees and hit 85…

The Problem With Quitting

Don't Quit

I was recently asked to give the commencement address for a class of graduating high school seniors. As I thought about what I might say there was one topic that weighed on my mind more than any other… quitting. For many years I’ve coached a group of junior high and high school cross-country runners. Most of them come…

David’s Guide to Exercise Path Etiquette

A Little Courtesy Please!

Training for the upcoming race in India means lot’s of time spent outside running and biking, much of it in or through communities. A community exercise path, like community living, has it’s own set of rules. Some are written… dogs must be on leashes, no motorized vehicles on the pathway, path closed after dark, etc. Others are unwritten and rely…

Dad’s My Hero Video

Came across this video of my son when he was seven. Nice Father’s Day gift!



Most of us live under the illusion that we are what we’re going to be until we wake up one day and realize we aren’t what we thought we’d be. That sounds like wordplay but what it really means is we underestimate change. That point is made nicely by psychologist Dr. Dan Gilbert in his recent Ted Talk video…

What Motivates You?


Someone recently asked, what motivates me to run 100 miles in India? After thinking about it for a while I realized my motivation for India, the triathlons leading up to it, the daily workouts, etc., was bigger than one event. We’re all motivated by different things. For example, I’m motivated by things that are beyond me and out…

Your Health And The Snowball Effect

Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race

Running a big race like Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race in October may strike a lot of people as crazy. Most people’s initial reaction when I tell them about my plan is “I could never do that.” And in some cases that’s probably true – but I think too often we sell ourselves short when it comes…


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