After India, What’s Next?


It’s hard to believe that India is behind me. Between training, travel arrangements, physical examinations, vaccinations, etc., my family and I spent almost a year in planning and preparation. Now that it’s over however, a number of people have asked me what’s next. It’s a good question, one that I’ve thought about since departing India. So much has happened…

The World’s a Beautiful Place


Day Five: We departed at 6:00am from Rimbik by bus to Palmajua (6560 ft), the start and the location where we finished the previous day. After the start, we continued for several miles uphill through beautiful vegetation and large pine trees. After cresting the hill we began a gradual descent to the finish at Manebhanjang (6600 ft). The light previous day provided some…

Day Four Running in the Himalayas

The Himalayas

Day Four: Today we enjoyed a much needed break. Our run was a short 13 miles on the road. It started at Rimbik (6350 ft), dropped to 4975 ft in the first five miles, leveled off just above the river and then started the climb up to Palmajua at 6560 ft to the finish. We were generally in…

Day Three: The Everest Challenge


Race day three, the Everest Challenge. Today was the longest of the five days running, 26.4 miles, a marathon. We started at Sandakphu and retraced the previous day’s course except rather than turning around at Molle (as with day two) we continued on for another four miles to Phulet. At Phulet we backtracked the four…

Learning to Run at 12,000 Feet


So, I’ve been offline for a couple days because the village in Sandakphu (on the border of India and Napal) where we stayed for the first two days of the race was so remote that there was no cell and electric was available only via generator after dark. Evening and morning temperatures were around 32…

The Road to Darjeeling

Sign to Darjeeling

Today we flew from Delhi to Bagdogra where we loaded a bus and began a two hour assent on the narrow, winding road to Darjeeling. Along the way we made a five minute stop at a roadside market to purchase some drinks for the trip and then quickly got back on our way again. At Darjeeling we met up with…

First Night in India


Well, my first night in India was an exciting one. I arrived just shortly after 10pm local time and the airport was buzzing with both traffic and people. After making my way through customs I hit the taxi line which turned out to be an adventure of its own. Beyond the language barrier it seemed that no one was really…

Don’t Wait Another Year

It’s hard to believe but the holidays and another new year are just around the corner. How are you doing with your resolutions? Even if you didn’t do as well as you’d hoped it’s not too late to start, especially when it comes to your health. Rather than waiting for New Years Eve to set…

A Nice Gesture

The Himalayas

I received this card from the kids on my cross country team today. All the kids signed it and one of the runners hand drew the picture of the Himalayas… well wishes for my up coming 100 mile race. It was really a nice gesture.

Variety: The Spice of Life & Key to Your Exercise Program

Variety: The Spice of Life

In a previous post I wrote about challenging long workouts in preparation for India and how they helped me develop a more disciplined mind. Training to achieve a  disciplined mind has great value for all of life and it’s something I hope to never quit learning. However, even the most disciplined mind can grow weary without a little variety…


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